What Does Uncured Salami Mean?- Here’s the Answer

For deli meats, salami is the best. Pizza, Sandwiches, salads, or pasta salami needs everywhere. But did you ever buy a salami package and just found it is labeled as uncured? Are you confused about “What does uncured salami mean?” Is it safe to eat this?

When the meat is initially preserved with celery powder and salt, it’s called uncured salami. The salt usually converts into nitrite later, preserving the meat. And, yes, it’s absolutely safe to consume uncured salami. Moreover, you can eat uncured salami raw, without even cooking it.

We will discuss every detail of uncured salami and explain why eating uncured salami is safe, the differences between cured and uncured salami, how long it lasts, and so on. So, go through the article to explore more.

What Does Uncured Salami Mean?

What Does Uncured Salami Mean

Although it is labeled as uncured, it is also a type of cured salami. Nothing to be surprised; uncured salami is also cured.

As per the regulations of USDA, salami is called cured when it is preserved with nitrates. So, according to the USDA, only nitrates or nitrites are used to cure salami, not any types of natural agents. 

But as for the uncured salami, only natural agents are used for curings, such as celery powder, salt, or juice. So it is also cured by natural elements and ready to eat.

Actually, it is even an excellent option for people who do not want to buy chemical products that much. But the fact is, the amount of nitrates or nitrites is almost the same in the uncured salami as the cured one.

Is It Safe To Eat Uncured Salami?

We already know what uncured salami means. And we also know that the uncured salami contains nitrates or nitrite and these nitrates prevent any harmful bacteria from the salami.

In that sense, uncured and cured salami can be regarded as the same. It is just the label that confuses us. So, no wonder eating uncured salami is absolutely safe.

Health-conscious people usually try to skip processed meat or meat cured with chemical agents. By seeing the label “uncured,” some health-conscious people may think that maybe uncured salami is less harmful as there are no nitrates or nitrite mentioned in the ingredients list.

But now you know the fact that there are no fewer nitrates or nitrites in the salami. Instead, it contains more excessive salt and nitrates/nitrites than cured salami. 

So, like the cured salami, eating uncured salami is safe.

Is It Okay To Eat Uncured Salami Raw?

Is It Okay To Eat Uncured Salami Raw

Do you eat cured salami raw? If not, then you can also eat uncured salami raw. 

Cured and uncured both are dried, and the curing process eliminates any type of dangerous bacteria. Moreover, all salami is raw – it doesn’t matter if it is cured or uncured.

Since the uncured salami has its label, you may be confused that you should cook it before consumption. But the fact is, it is almost the same as cured salami; there is no harm if you eat uncured salami raw.

Here are a few uncured salamis to make your meal extra-delicious.

Uncured SalamiWhy You Should Try It
Naturalissima Uncured Hard SalamiNatural smoke flavor, no antibiotics, no added growth hormones.
Foustman’s Uncured SalamiOld-World Style, Rich, flavorful, and perfectly spiced.
Colameco’s, Black Pepper Uncured SalamiNatural flavoring, coated with gum acacia and black pepper, no antibiotics, no added growth hormones.

Difference Between Uncured And Cured Salami 

We have learned that uncured salami is a type of cured salami. The uncured salami and the cured salami can be regarded as them; only the labeling differs. But they have some basic differences.

Let’s see them.

Cured SalamiUncured Salami
Chemical additives like nitrates/nitrite are used as preservatives.Natural agents like salt, beetroot powder, celery juice, or powder are used as preservatives.
It has deeper red or pink colourIt has a pale colour, i.e light pink
Due to preservatives it has a strong flavorLighter flavor
It is self-stable, and lasts for a long timeSelf-stable but doesn’t last for a long time
Due to preservatives, it does not contain a high amount of salt,In its preservation method salt is required, so it contains a higher amount of salt.
To grab some delicious cured salami Click HereTo grab some delicious uncured salami Click Here

Is Uncured Salami Better than Cured Salami?

There can be discourse. But according to our research, it is not better than cured salami. All salamis have their health benefits, but also they have a higher amount of sodium and fat. So, basically, they are not that good for your health in a large amount.

Cured salami is healthier than uncured salami in the race between cured salami and uncured salami. Besides the negative side of cured salami, uncured salami is also excessively salted. 

Patients with heart and kidney diseases should avoid eating this uncured salami. Because uncured salami can make it worse.

How Long Can Uncured Salami Last?

Salt and spices are used in uncured salami, and then it is left to dry. Uncured salami is self-stable, which means you can keep it out of your refrigerator. It will be perfectly alright. 

But keep in mind that uncured salami has less storage time than cured salami. If the salami package is not opened, it can be stored for 2 weeks. 

Best for the unopened uncured salami, you should follow your label and find out the expiry date. You can store cut uncured salami for more than three weeks in the refrigerator.

How To Know If Your Uncured Salami Is Spoiled?

How To Know If Your Uncured Salami Is Spoiled

Eating a slice of spoiled meat or salami can cause food poisoning. So, before eating meat or salami, make sure that it is well and safe.

We have learned a lot of things already. But how to tell if your salami is spoiled? Don’t worry. We know the answer; let us pass it to you.

1. Changed Color

It is not unusual to notice white moulds over your light pink salami. These guys are not harmful; rather, they are good for preventing harmful bacteria. 

But if you leave your opened or unopened uncured salami for a long period, harmful bacteria and moulds will grow up eventually. They will look black, grey, brown, or green with fuzzy spots over the light pink salami. 

So, if you notice these spots or unusual colors on your uncured salami, get rid of your salami right away.

2. Changed Flavor

Normally uncured salami does not have a deeper flavor than cured salami. Cured salami has a fainted flavor due to its natural preservative agents.

However, the smell can be more like cheese as they have natural moulds. This smell should be normal. But whenever you will feel an unusual flavor or if it smells like rotten eggs, say goodbye to your rotten uncured salami.

3. Changed Texture

You know the texture of salami, right? So you know how does it feel like if you touch a good salami. 

But whenever your salami is spoiled, it can be slimy, wet, extra dry, or unnaturally hard. Get your salami to your garbage bin if you can see any of these two combinations.

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  • How long does cooked salami last?

There are two types of salami, raw and cooked. Uncured salami is raw salami so we already know about that.

Cooked salami is a type of salami when the meat is cured after cooking. Unopened cooked salami can last about two weeks in the refrigerator.

On the other hand, opened cooked salami can last for seven days in the refrigerator.

For long time storage, you can keep it in the freezer. A freezer can keep unopened cooked salami good for more than two months.

  • Is Eating Uncured Meat Safe?

Yes, eating uncured meat is perfectly safe. Uncured meats use natural ingredients for curing, transforming into nitrate or nitrite later. So there are no big differences between cured and uncured meat. You can safely eat uncured meat.

  • Is Uncured Meat Better Than Cured?

Some people may think that uncured meat is better than cured meat as there are no chemical products in it. But it is totally wrong. Because, even if only natural ingredients are being used in the curing process of uncured meat, they transform into nitrates or nitrite later. Just as the cured meat.

So, both uncured and cured meat have nitrates in them. Uncured is not better than the cured one.

  • What To Do After Eating Bad Salami?

A rotten or bad salami can cause food poisoning with some symptoms like diarrhea, vomiting, stomach ache, etc. a mild food poisoning will go away on its own. Drink more and more; it is good for food poisoning and prevents dehydration.

But if the food poisoning is severe and you feel excessive sickness go to visit a doctor immediately. And yes, always be careful before eating meat or salami left open for a long time. 

Take Away

Are you still thinking about – ‘what does uncured salami mean.’

Cured and uncured – both are usually the same. Uncured salami is the naturally preserved meat where you usually use celery powder and salt. However, this salt gradually turns to nitrites that preserve the meat like cured salami. But, it’s perfectly safe to eat uncured salami, even without cooking.

So, now are you ready for your preference if you want to buy cured or uncured salami as your deli meat? Try both – why to leave one when you have two delicious deli meat easily available.

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