Who Makes Kenmore Microwaves? [Finally Answered]

Who Makes Kenmore Microwaves

Cooking, reheating, roasting – microwaves are the versatile friends of your kitchen. And we mention microwaves; Kenmore definitely comes on the list. Kenmore microwaves are a standard appliance in many homes – affordable, reliable, and available in various sizes and styles. However, have you ever thought – who makes Kenmore microwaves? Sears Holdings Corporation is … Read more

What Cheese Goes Well With Prosciutto? – Best Cheese to Prosciutto

what cheese goes well with prosciutto

Are you having difficulty finding pleasing and palatable prosciutto recipes to serve at your dinner parties? Then you musn’t heard of cheese and prosciutto pairing – the match made in the kitchen? Prosciutto and cheese blend perfectly, complementing each other with their unique taste and flavor. However, what cheese goes well with prosciutto? There are … Read more