Is Jimmy Dean Sausage Keto Friendly? – You Should Need to Know

Keto is the season-call: you are eating your favorite food to lose weight. Isn’t it great? However, the ketogenic diet requires a careful selection of foods with the right balance: low carb and high fat.

So, what about sausage – especially Jimmy Dean? Do they have the right balance? Is Jimmy Dean sausage keto friendly?

Yes, Jimmy Dean Sausages are keto-friendly, but not all. The turkey sausages are one of the most keto-friendly sausages the company offers. Additionally, plain pork sausage is considered the right pick for the keto diet. On the contrary, maple pork sausages are not the best choice for Keto diets.

Keep reading to learn why some specific sausages work great for the keto diet and how you can select the best varieties.

Is Jimmy Dean Sausage Keto Friendly?

is jimmy dean sausage keto friendly

Sausage is everyone’s favorite, especially Jimmy Dean. But, if you start a keto diet, obviously, you would love to know if you can add them to your diet.

The simple answer is – you can add some of them. However, some Jimmy Dean, you shouldn’t.

So, coming to the point, which Jimmy Dean sausage is keto friendly?

The first keto-friendly sausage Jimmy Dean has is the breakfast sausage because it contains a very low amount of carbs. The sausages are made of pork; consuming two ounces will provide you with only one gram of carb. 

Instead, consuming two ounces of apple will give your body eight grams of carbs, which is too much compared to Jimmy Dean’s sausage.

It also fulfills the requirements of having high fat and protein. Because eating two ounces of Jimmy Dean’s breakfast sausage can give you 9 grams protein and 15 grams fat. In that case, you can eat up to 40 ounces of the sausage, but it will gradually affect your taste bud. 

One more thing, if you cook it in a way you are not allowed, it may not be a help in losing weight.

Suppose you like eating oily foods and want to prepare them using vegetable oil. In this case, the added oil will instead work to put on your weight.

In fact, you don’t have to use oil to cook a sausage. Also, avoid using mayonnaise, jams, additional vegetables, fruits or bread, sugar syrups, and ketchup. 

Is Jimmy Dean Maple Sausage Keto Friendly?

Is Jimmy Dean Maple Sausage Keto Friendly

Jimmy Dean’s maple sausage is not seasoned like Jimmy Dean’s breakfast sausage. Therefore, while the breakfast sausage of the brand is a top pick for the keto diet, the maple one is the keto friendliest. Having this particular sausage can instead spoil your diet.

With the consumption of two ounces of Jimmy Dean’s maple sausage, you will get 3.3 grams of carbs. It is three times extra than the breakfast sausage we suggest having.

Besides, it includes maple syrup, meaning sugar, something you may not want to add to your diet.

Besides, you can’t help but eat 12 ounces of this sausage to get 20 grams of carbs. But it’s highly unlikely to consume this much sausage. Hence, even if you want to eat maple sausage from Jimmy Dean’s, you must be careful of how many carbs you give to your body.

Is Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Keto Friendly?

Is Jimmy Dean Turkey Sausage Keto Friendly

Jimmy Dean’s Turkey sausage is considered more keto-friendly than the two mentioned sausages – breakfast sausage and maple sausage.

It’s because two ounces of this specified sausage offers you less than a gram of carbs. Moreover, it provides an even higher amount of fat than you can get from pork sausage. 

While the Turkey sausage contains three times less than the one made of pork, it might sound advantageous on some grounds. However, a ketogenic diet requires you to have fats over 70%, or else you will hamper the natural way of energy production from burning fat calories.

Therefore, Jimmy Dean’s breakfast pork sausage is the perfect pick for a keto diet.

What Type of Jimmy Dean Sausage You Can Eat on Keto?

Sausage TypeCaloriesCarbohydrateCholesterolFat
Breakfast sausage(pork) 1800.5g35mg16g
Turkey Sausage713.6g20mg3.6g
Mapple Sausage1801g45mg15g

Based upon the advised values, the perfect choice is Jimmy Dean’s breakfast sausage. While Jimmy Dean’s maple sausage consists of higher cholesterol, the turkey sausage consists of lower fat.

Hence both are not as good as the breakfast sausage. However, depending on what your dietician says, you must consume any of them.

Some alternate sausages are Vienna sausage, pork bratwurst, and chorizo.

Chorizo is another good option for the keto diet since it has higher protein and fat and more carbs.

Vienna offers 1.2 grams of carbs and 14.2 grams of fat, and Bratwurst will provide you with 1.6 grams of carbohydrates and 16.44 grams of fat per two ounces. 

Avoid plant-based sausages as it is considered the keto diet enemy. They indeed work outstanding for different diets. But not for keto due to having extreme levels of carbohydrates.

Are Sausage Patties Okay for a Keto Diet?

Are Sausage Patties Okay for a Keto Diet

Generally, sausage patties are fine to consume on a keto diet. They are mostly ground meats like chicken, beef, turkey, and pork. However, you should carefully pick a brand.

For example, Banquet Brown & Serve Original Sausage Patties are good for keto but not better than Jimmy Dean’s breakfast sausage because it doesn’t contain unhealthy ingredients such as dextrose, BHT/BHA, and sugar.

The Nutrients and Benefits of Having Jimmy Dean As A Part Of Your Keto

The Keto diet helps you lose weight and more. It offers your 6 benefits which we have explained below. You must know the keto diet benefits before you ever think about giving up keto dieting.

However, having the right food plays a large role in experiencing any of these benefits. Having Jimmy Dean sausages as a part of your keto diet may improve the following. 

1. Reduces Weight

While a ketogenic diet can reduce your appetite, it will boost your energy so that your weight is eventually reduced, but you don’t feel weak or get ill. Jimmy Dean sausages will provide sufficient energy for you to function.

2. Improves Acne

Acne occurs for different reasons, including blood sugar and diet issues. Diet plans that contain high refined carbs bring small changes to gut bacteria which can hugely affect the skin for the constant increase and decrease in blood sugar levels.

But following a keto diet will not bring an imbalance in gut bacteria and thus improves skin conditions by reducing acne.

Jimmy Dean sausages are low in carbohydrates, reducing the chances of getting gut bacteria or increased blood sugar levels. 

3. Has the Possibility to Reduce the Risk of Specific Cancers

According to some research, keto diets can help prevent and sometimes treat cancers. Reports say alongside radiation and chemotherapy, following a ketogenic diet helps improve overall health conditions.

4. Better Heart Health

In 2017, a review showed that many people on the keto diet dropped bad cholesterol levels and increased good cholesterol. Therefore, high cholesterol food needs to be avoided, and as per the chart above, most Jimmy Dean sausages are low in cholesterol.

5. Can Possibly Help the Brain to Function Well

Some studies in 2019 showed ketones produced from the keto diet provided neuroprotective benefits, which can safeguard and nourish the brain’s nerve cells. 

6. Helps in Balancing Hormones

People with hormone issues should try the keto diet since many reports say it can balance hormones in humans well, resulting in reduced hormone problems.


  • How many carbs are in Jimmy Dean’s sausage?

In two ounces of Jimmy Dean’s breakfast sausage, you will get one gram of carbohydrates; in Maple sausage, it’s 3.3 grams; in Turkey, it’s below one gram.

  • Is breakfast sausage allowed on the keto diet?

Breakfast sausage is not only allowed for the keto diet but is also considered a friendly food. They contain the highest fat and a low carb compared to other sausages.

  • How bad is Jimmy Dean sausage for you?

There are different sausages the brand Jimmy Dean makes. The breakfast sausage is too good for health, and the maple sausage is pretty bad but not the worst.


Is Jimmy Dean sausage keto friendly or not? It must be your top query if you want to start a keto diet but are a lover of Jimmy Dean sausages.

Several Jimmy Dean sausages are keto-friendly, including breakfast sausage, turkey sausage, sausage patty, etc. Among all, breakfast pork sausages are the most keto-friendly as they provide higher fat and lower carb. Next, you can add turkey sausage, having a suitable carb-fat balance.

However, don’t add maple sausages to your keto diet, for containing higher carbs and sugar.

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